Built the Plaza Superjet Website (Wenatchee)

The Plaza Superjet



This was a fun website to build.  It has a back end that the owner of the store can use to make updates to his site easily.  He just logs into the back end and enters a new post.

This allows the store to keep their website up to date with new items that come in stock and special events.  It is a popular website with hundreds of visits each day.  A link to their specials is one of the hottest clicks on the site.

The Plaza Super Jet is known for bringing imported beer into the Wenatchee area, so it is great to keep the customers up to date on the new arrivals.

I got to meet the staff on this project, take some pictures and colaborate with Jeff, the owner of the store.  I had a lot of fun creating this site.

FUN FACT:  The cover photo that I took of the store was done on a cloudy day so I used photoshop to remove the clouds and put in a nice blue sky that fades from bright to dark to simulate a natural sky.


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